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Ragdoll History

Ragdolls evolved in the early 1960ís in Riverside, California by Ann Baker. They are a good-natured breed with a sweet, gentle and laid-back personality. Ragdolls have a quiet voice, love to cuddle, and have an endless supply of love and affection. They are intelligent, very trainable, and learn easily. Ragdolls will grace your home with their beauty and will greet you at the door. They are wonderful cats for dog lovers and get along well with children and other family pets.

Ragdolls are born white. The color and pattern begin to develop around a week of age. Ragdolls are pointed cats with large blue eyes, the darker blue the better. These heavy set, big-boned Ragdolls have a plush, dense non-matting coat that is very silky and medium in length. Ragdolls require minimal grooming. They are large, a little slower maturing than most cats, with males weighing 15-20 pounds and females weighing 9-12 pounds. If altered they weigh a few pounds more. Color points have darker color on their ears, face, legs, feet and tail, with their body lighter than their points. Mitted Ragdolls are the same as colorpoints, except that they have small white front paws "mittens", and on their back legs the mittens raise half way up as if they have boots on. Mitteds have a white chin and chest. Bi-Color Ragdolls have a white mask like an inverted "V", white stomach and all four legs and ruff are white. The color is on the ears, face, tail, and body.

The Lynx pattern comes in these three patterns, but adds a striped look to the face, legs, and tail, with white on the inside of the ears. The main colors are Seal and Blue. Also being produced now are the Tortie and Red points.


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